Case Studies

Case Studies

Below are some of our case studies :


In today’s dynamic business environment, high security procedures are vital while greater flexibility and scalability are required.

Multiple users, temporary personnel, subcontractors, sites in geographically spread areas etc. set special requirements for the security and locking system. With time based access rights, online management and audit trail the access control is designed for the security and safety of the employees, workers and employers

 ABLOY UK & Access Security Products with ACT Access Control System protects staff, customers and data at Banks Centres.

A modern bank demands secure, but flexible, access control, around the clock and 365 days a year. At most of the main banks in Ireland, Access Security Products delivered just that. Instead of old-fashioned mechanical locks and cumbersome keys, the bank chose our access control integrated with wireless locks to protect staff, customers and their confidential data. Our door lockimg systems are second to none with up to date technology.



Access Security has installed CLIQ Remote in various businesses around Ireland including a elite software company, one of the main colleges and hospitals. It is a major and important step forward in Electronic locking.

ASSA ABLOY recently announced the introduction of its CLIQ Remote model NQ421 WallPD and NQ422 MobilePD, two devices that enhance access control and overall security by enabling ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ keys to be programmed remotely.

The NQ421 WallPD and NQ422 MobilePD are the latest additions to the Abloy CLIQ Remote range, a complete, patented range of electromechanical cylinder locks, cabinet locks, padlocks and keys that incorporate both mechanical and programmable electronic locking technologies to provide the highest level of security.



CLIQ Remote Health Safety Case Study

CLIQ Remote Hospital Case Study

CLIQ Remote Mining Case Study


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